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April 20, 2014    


As Seen on TV. The Today Show. Presented by Guilt Groupe.

Prosperty Seashell Wreath   Today Show   Gilt Groupe
  True Blood
As Seen on TV. HBO Series True Blood.
HBO     True Blood

The oceans tide brings in seashell treasures.

They inspire the souls of those in love with such God giving pleasure.

The beauty of the different shapes, colors and sizes of seashells is the reason we return to the sea. The scent, the sound, and the breeze make us as peaceful as our souls long to be. When we walk by the sea we begin to understand that, we are in love with this nature... our footprints we leave behind but our dreams will always be there... at the sea.

Please take a look at my creations. They are all inspired by my love for the tropics.