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April 24, 2014    


A Mermaid's Wardrobe, Seashell Decorated Dresser
A Mermaid's Wardrobe, Seashell Decorated Dresser Decor

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This accent piece of seashell furniture was just sold 2009. What a wonderful and unique seashell present! This one of a kind seashell dresser is very detailed and with 4 different matching color designs. The top, front,sides and legs of this seashell decorated dresser each has a very unique design. The legs of the seashell dresser are all pretty much alike full of very tiny shells. The front drawers of this seashell decorated dresser each has an thorny white starfish. The overall look of the 2 drawers in this seashell decorated dresser, looks like, something from heavens above shining in a far away galaxy. This truly piece of seashell art is the only one in this world and because, is very detailed and done in good taste the person that acquires it will be very content with it's design. This seashell piece of art took a very long time to decorate! You can pull the drawers open on this seashell decorated dresser by grabbing the starfish. The sides of this seashell decorated dresser are the same design on both sides. The top has a very different design but, this too comes very well together with the overall look of the seashell dresser. The seashell dresser measures about 30 inches tall, 33 inches wide in the front and about 18 inches wide on each side of the dresser. I have more detailed pictures of the top and the legs. I will gladly take orders for another type of design or a bigger size seashell dresser if desire. I can make it with different color of seashells and a large seashell instead of the starfish can be the focal point and method of opening the seashell dresser, I can make a seashell dresser to look similar to perphaps a design of any of the seashell mirrors you see in my web site, you decide. You can purchase the seashell decorated dresser shown in this picture or any other design by calling Bea at . I accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover card. I also accept checks and money orders. My regular email address is  . I'm in the process of making other seashell decorated furniture. I can decorate any furniture with seashells. You might even have a piece of furniture in your home that needs a coastal look that you can ship to me. Email me a picture and I will give you the cost. I will take into concideration that if the piece is provided and shipped to me the cost will be less.

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